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Timing leaves Webber frustrated in P5

Mar 23, 2013, 9:30 AM EDT

Mark Webber AP

Mark Webber has been left feeling frustrated after qualifying in 5th for the Malaysian Grand Prix. His teammate Sebastian Vettel managed to secure pole position, and the Australian driver has cited his timing as being the reason why he lost out.

“It’s disappointing to finish fifth,” he explained. “We didn’t get the timing quite right in the last part of Q3. I thought I had more laps.”

Webber was certain that he had the pace to challenge Vettel and the Ferrari duo of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, who will start P2 and P3 respectively.

“We were quick enough, but we went too slow on the lap when we should have been going quick and it meant we didn’t get a last timed lap in.

“It’s frustrating when you put so much work in and know you could have done better.”

Despite his frustration, Webber was looking forward to the race tomorrow as he bids for his first Grand Prix victory since last year’s British Grand Prix.

“I’m looking forward to the race tomorrow. It should be interesting with the weather.”

Webber has shown signs of good pace in Malaysia this weekend, finishing as the quickest driver in FP1 on Friday. However, he could not match his teammate for raw pace towards the end of the session. Vettel was pleased with the result, but he refused to make any predictions for the race tomorrow.

“It was a good session in Q3 and it was clear what we had to do,” said Vettel.

“I’m pleased with the result. It’s a long race tomorrow and whoever wins will have done the best job. We managed to save some tires today which will help if the race is dry, but we will see.”

  1. worknman24hours - Mar 23, 2013 at 3:45 PM

    I wonder if fifth place is far enough back from Vettel so the Red Bull team mechanics will set his clutch up so it won’t over engage at the start and bog his start ( as they have for the last three years).

    I’d bet not and that Webber will drop to eighth before the first turn.

    Give em Hell anyway Mark!

    • apexassassin - Mar 23, 2013 at 5:44 PM

      You’re right, RBR aren’t there for the millions upon millions of dollars they’ll get for having both drivers do as well as they can to win the Constructor’s championship.

      Maybe they should get Mark a clucth pedal! .

      • worknman24hours - Mar 23, 2013 at 10:24 PM

        RBR knows Mark can well stay ahead of most of the pack even if they set the clutch up to over engage at the start.

        These clutchs are not like the ones we use on street cars and the way they can be adjusted are simply amazing in the combinations of grip engagement as well as the way the clutch works as it heats up and the clutch material used as well.

        There is no clutch pedal either.

        Look at the start,in the cockpit-the drivers left fingers-he’s dropping the clutch -lever—- not a pedal —by simply letting his fingers off that left lever that works the clutch as the start-from there on,it’s a combination manual/automatic transmission where the driver need only flick levers behind the steering -handle-not really a steering wheel at all.

        So that engagement is set up by the mechanics before Mark ever gets to the starting line and they can darn well set it up wrong to slow him down relative to Vettel everytime if they so choose.

        There is a heck of alot less actual driving done in race cars these days-alot of it is done in car setup and driving strategy meetings before the driver and car ever gets to the track-and the driver better do what he is told.

        Vettel is the sponsor favorite of this team and will likely always be-but Mark makes a heck of alot of moeny to be second and being second on a World Champion team makes you a World Champion too-just not a World -Drivers- Champion.

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