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Boullier reluctant to impose team orders

Apr 5, 2013, 3:15 PM EDT

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Lotus team principal Eric Boullier believes it is unwise to impose team orders so early on in the season following the fall-out from Red Bull’s “Multi 21” scandal.

“We should not have team orders so early in the season, not while the championship is at such an early stage,” he explained. “When it happens you need to fix it and fix it quickly.”

However, the Frenchman admitted that team orders were unavoidable in the sport, albeit immoral.

“It happens because of the adrenaline and excitement of winning a race, but I think in Formula 1 it should not happen.

“Don’t forget that the drivers are paid to work for you, as they are for the company.”

Boullier also inferred that Sebastian Vettel should be sanctioned by Red Bull for ignoring team orders in Malaysia.

“I don’t see any people in the world who could disobey their company and not be sanctioned, or at least give clarification as to why they’ve disobeyed.

“One of our drivers [Kimi Raikkonen] is famous for doing pretty much what we wants, but when you have 600 people behind you, there is a certain respect you must have for the team.”

Lotus are fortunate enough to have two comparatively relaxed drivers, with Kimi Raikkonen clearly leading the team. However, when he has raced Romain Grosjean on track, Lotus have allowed the drivers to race, with Raikkonen stamping his authority with a hard-but-fair move on Grosjean in Hungary last season.

  1. techmeister1 - Apr 6, 2013 at 2:34 AM

    I disagree with Boullier in the cases that we have seen so far. Mercedes and Red Bull were trying to bring both cars home without fuel/tire issues nor risks of engine failures particularly on the Red Bull cars. It would have been different if there was some value in the two teammates fighting at the end of the race but there was none. It was much more important to get both cars home without issues than to have the teammates fighting each other and no one else with the very high risk of damaging their cars and losing points.

    Yes I feel badly for Rosberg who ran a smarter race than Hamilton and thus Rosberg should have been on the pdoium instead of Hamilton. IME what goes around comes around and Rosberg is likely to benefit down the road from his maturity and patience.

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