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Toro Rosso chief against team orders

Apr 7, 2013, 8:45 AM EDT

Australian F1 Grand Prix - Practice Getty Images

Scuderia Toro Rosso team principal Franz Tost has become the latest figure in the F1 paddock to speak out against team orders.

“I’m not a great fan, because we want to see battles and overtaking manoeuvres,” said Tost in an interview with Speed Week.

However, Tost did concede that it was impossible to regulate or ban team orders, and that they had always played a part in grand prix racing.

“Team orders have always been there in some way, so it’s pointless to ban them.”

Team orders had been banned following the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix, which saw Rubens Barrichello move aside for Michael Schumacher at the final corner, but the ruling was removed after the 2010 German Grand Prix. Once again, it was Ferrari in the dock after Felipe Massa allowed Fernando Alonso to take the lead mid-way through the race.

Tost’s comments come in the wake of Red Bull’s “multi 21” scandal, where  Sebastian Vettel took the lead from teammate Mark Webber despite the team asking the triple champion to hold position. Although Vettel has not been disciplined by the team, Tost inferred that he would have taken action.

“Discipline is one of the most important requirements for success. The circumstances will determine any action in indiscipline.

“Such decisions are keept to an absolute minimum at Toro Rosso. We have yet to have any discrepancies concerning this topic.”

Toro Rosso are owned by Red Bull, acting as a feeder team to the frontrunners. It is interesting to note the split in opinion between the two Red Bull-owned camps, but the situation is far less likely to arise when battling for one or two points.

  1. techmeister1 - Apr 7, 2013 at 4:47 PM

    Toro Rosso has always been an unscrupulous team and constantly abuses it’s drivers.

    Of course we all want to see battles between the drivers but the dumbarse spectators only understand passing so that is why we have gumball tires that only last 10-20 laps. Teams are also running the fuel fill so low that they sometimes can’t pass tech after qualifying or the race.

    The so called team orders in Malaysia were so that both cars on the two teams made it home without issue. Vettel chose to be an arsehole and disobey the teams orders to turn down his engine and hold position. Webber was pulling away at a half second per lap so there was no chance that Vettel would have beat Webber had Vettel not disobeyed the team for which he should be, but won’t be punished. So once again Webber gets screwed for being the best driver in the race and following team orders. Red Bull will reward him by removing good parts from his car and installing them on Vettel’s car and giving mark older, lower performance parts. SOS, DD with the clowns at Red Bull.

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