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Lotus concerned by tire choices for Britain, Hungary

Jun 15, 2013, 8:00 AM EDT

Kimi Raikkonen AP

Lotus F1 Team’s motorsport director Alan Permane has criticized Pirelli’s choice of tires for the British and Hungarian Grands Prix, believing that the compounds chosen will be too conservative for Silverstone and the Hungaroring respectively.

Pirelli confirmed earlier this week that they would be bringing the two hardest compounds (hard and medium) to the races, causing Permane some confusion after the wear patterns witnessed at last year’s races.

It’s unusual to take the same tires to Hungary as to Bahrain and Silverstone,” he told the BBC.

“We didn’t have those tires last year. We had medium and soft last year and people did two stops. So it absolutely doesn’t make sense – they’re too hard for that track.”

The BBC also reports that team principal Eric Boullier will be speaking to Pirelli over its choice of compounds.

Lotus have not spoken out against Pirelli over the 2013 tire design (which has sparked a protest from world champions Red Bull), with the British team appearing to manage their tires better than most, often differing their strategy as a result.

The Canadian GP appeared to see a return to the ‘regular’ number of pit stops, with most drivers stopping twice whilst still being able to push during their stints. However, you can expect the critics to emerge once again should these races become processional one-stop races.

  1. quonce - Jun 15, 2013 at 8:30 AM

    So I’m trying to get down with F1 since its on TV now. I watched Monacco and Spain wire to wire.

    Here is my problem, and please for those diehards, show me the light, all this bitching about tires and tire compound is a major turn off. It like a mega hot girl who is so incredibly dumb that it takes away from her hotness. Sure you’ll go to the well once, twice, three times or more because, yes, she is superior to the others (F1) , but every time she opens her mouth (media coverage and blogs and everything) nothing but annoyance comes out.

    I understand the advantage of the “secret testing” and why other teams are bent, I understand that apparently Pirelli technology is having a tough time keeping up with the machines, and number of pit stops in general, but it’s all F1 is right now from where I sit. And it’s too bad.

    I know it happens in every sport and other racing leagues, NASCAR comes to mind, every driver interview is a whine fest in NASCAR.

    But if I were F1, I’d get this straighten out quick, behind closed doors as much as possible, and put on a good show like I know that they have done in the past before the TV coverage that they have now.

    I want to be a fan, but everyone bitching about tire compound week after week after week is making me not want to call this hot girl anymore.

    • apexassassin - Jun 15, 2013 at 10:49 AM

      I though the article explains it pretty well. The tires suck for most of the teams. A few teams are really good on them. Lotus, having had their technical team and 2010 car used for the Pirelli tests for this years tires have an advantage that they want to keep. And they need to keep it as they don’t have the money to keep up developing their car in relation to RBR, Ferrari, and Merc.

      Having the Tribunal on the 20th to resilve the “secret test” issue is F1 moving fast. Prior to Jean Todt’s presidency this would have drawn on for months.

      But I totally agree, Pirelli are robbing us of a great season with these shenanigans. And anyone who thinks the fans, or the FIA requested tires that restrict pushing is reading too many PR statements.

      Here’s the truth in a nutshell (and I usually never agree with this guy):

      Former Grand Prix winner Berger, who sold his stake in Red Bull’s second team Toro Rosso some years ago, was asked if he thinks Formula 1 tyre situation is acceptable.

      “No, he answered clearly to Osterreich newspaper. I’ll say it again, it cannot be that teams invest millions in wind tunnel tests and engines and then ultimately what decides who is at the front is the tyre manufacturer.”

      “This is wrong,” said Berger. “I’m for real racing and that the best people are at the front; that the sport, not the tyres, plays the main role.”

  2. quonce - Jun 15, 2013 at 11:04 PM

    Thanks Apex,

    To a new fan though, it all sound like white noise whining. Tires tires tire tires tires tires, compound compound compound compound. Multi million dollar rocket cars that if they didn’t have downforce would lift off and orbit the earth. The elite of manufacturers, drivers, tracks, and dollars.

    And every story is whining. About pirelli. Hard soft medium. They all have to use the same “crap” apparently correct? Get someone new to make the tires or figure out how to run them.

    Ferrari, Mercedes lotus etc. the elite car companies of the world in the billions of dollars. You can’t tell me they are at the mercy of a inferior tire manufacturer. They are all in bed together. So is it truly pirelli or are the cars ahead of the rubber or is this a way for the league to level the playing field to “make for more exciting racing” that has gone array. (NASCAR car of tomorrow comes to mind)

    I don’t watch racing, I’m a hockey and baseball guy first so I appreciate your honest feedback for a rookie fan. And I don’t want to come off as a whiner, I’m just being honest with my observations. Again I come from a fandom where steroids was/is king so I get it if I’m coming in somewhere in the middle and don’t know the entire back story.

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