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Manager: Schumacher stable, but still critical

Jan 1, 2014, 9:15 AM EDT

Michael Schumacher AP

The latest update on Michael Schumacher’s condition came from his longtime manager, Sabine Kehm, who told reporters Wednesday that the seven-time Formula One World Champion is now stable, but still critical overall.

“The good news for today is … there’s no significant changes,” Kehm said outside the hospital in Grenoble, France, where Schumacher is being treated. “However, it is still very early, and the situation overall is critical.”

Kehm added that the accident itself, details of which had yet to emerge since it happened on Sunday, was more a case of bad luck than anything else. When turning a corner, he hit a rock but was not traveling at a high speed.

No updates came from his medical team, as had been the case on Monday and Tuesday.

  1. worknman24hours - Jan 1, 2014 at 5:25 PM

    Michael had the accident and was immediately taken to the hospital by helicopter.

    Michael was wearing a skiing helmet that saved his life-doctors would later say.

    At the hospital, the doctors immediately saw the severity of his injury and took the most modern medical steps possible to minimize the future consequences of his injuries.

    That he is in critical condition is more a state of affairs that the doctors have placed Michael in a preventive state of medical coma with a resultant lowering of his body temperature to prevent any more swelling of the affected areas of his brain.

    That is a normal prudent step in any head injury like this.

    Because the doctors cannot talk to Michael right now, they cannot access the consequences of his injuries accurately.

    There was an additional surgery to remove some bleeding remnants from his brain,also normal in a head injury case like this.

    Think of Michael forced by God to finally slow his wild ass down and getting a little forced rest before he comes back healthy in 2014.

    Less news right now is actually good news as in head injury cases it often takes weeks for things to settle down and for the patient to be brought back out of the coma.

    That’s the doctors being smart and Michael getting the very best care available.

    Mikey’s one tough sum a gun, he never gave up in any fight he fought,he’ll be o.k. and be everyone just needs to be patient.

    Get well soon Mikey, God bless you,your family and everyone who saved and is in the process of saving your life.

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