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F1 notes: Rules & Regs; Renault, Pirelli and Petrobras updates

Feb 18, 2014, 10:31 AM EDT

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A lot of F1 news and notes have emerged over the last couple days. Here’s a quick recap from what has emerged over the last 24-48 hours…

  • Formal updates to the 2014 F1 Sporting Regulations have been made. Included among them are the official language for the 5-second penalty (Rule 16.3 a), official post-race “donuts” acceptance (Rule 43.3) and a green rear light to be utilized for any driver without a Superlicence on track in a non-race weekend (Rule 22.9 c). If you want to read more in-depth on the regulations and the regulatory language, by all means do so in the full rundown of the rulebook, linked here.
  • Renault’s teams are probably going to be facing the most scrutiny heading into this week’s Bahrain test, which kicks off on Wednesday. With such limited mileage completed in Jerez, and Lotus having opted to miss the test entirely, the four teams using these powerplants need to have made some strides in the last several weeks. Renault’s head of track operations Remi Taffin told Autosport that the manufacturer had “two or three problems we have now solved” and would need to focus firmly on software and hardware.
  • Pirelli has confirmed 30 sets of tires per team to be used at the two Bahrain tests, including an extra set of 2014 construction and compound “mediums.” Those are prototypes planned for 2015, as tire warmers will be banned next season. Other dry compounds on offer include Pirelli’s hard, “winter” hard and soft; the “winter”  hard has no color markings on the exterior of the tire while the standard hard is orange.
  • Petrobras has been confirmed as another of Williams F1’s official partners, joining Genworth. The Brazilian multi-national energy company first worked with Williams in 1998 and enjoyed an 11-year run. Brazil’s main presence at Williams includes Felipe Massa in the driver lineup; it could potentially have more as the team is yet to confirm its official reserve driver for 2014.

  1. testover6370 - Feb 18, 2014 at 12:09 PM

    Its great that the drivers can now legally do donuts, but doesn’t having that specifically spelled out in the rules somehow make them a little less cool. “Oh look there is Vettel doing his regulation victory celebration in accordance with Section 42 Subsection 3 Paragraph…..of the rulebook.”

  2. worknman24hours - Feb 18, 2014 at 7:47 PM

    I can see the engineers wincing at the miniscle amounts of weight the drivers are tearing off the car as they do donuts.

    I can already hear Christian coming over the radio as the last lap starts to Vettel going,” Not a day for Krispy Kreme, o.k. Seb?”

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