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Ferrari President writes to fans; urges vigilance from FIA

Mar 13, 2014, 9:00 PM EDT

Luza di Montezemolo AP

Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo has written a letter to Formula 1 fans ahead of the new season that starts this Sunday in Australia, live on NBCSN.

In his letter, Montezemolo addresses a number of topics including the new regulations and changes for the 2014 season, which look set to shake up the pecking order in the sport. Although he is quick to admit that Ferrari – like all teams – have some problems, he is confident that they will be resolved quickly.

“Everyone has issues; we have lined ours up and we are in the process of resolving them,” Montezemolo writes. “We’re also putting into practice an intense plan of development, which can count on the fact that the data from the wind tunnel have been confirmed by the track comparisons, something that has not happened in recent years.”

However, he does urge the FIA to be vigilant in 2014 to ensure that the regulations are not flouted by some, ensuring that all teams are competing on a level playing field.

“Such an important set of changes to the regulations is bringing some grey areas, for example fuel, software, [and] consumption.

“In these I am fully expecting the FIA to be vigilant – as I’m sure they will be – to avoid any trickery, which has also taken place in the recent past but must not happen any more for the good of this sport.”

In finishing his letter, Montezemolo lent his support to team principal Stefano Domenicali, and drivers Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen.

“I have asked for the highest commitment from Domenicali and his team and I know that they are all doing their best. We have a strong team, the best driver pairing – who are experienced and very talented – and everyone knows what they have to do.

“We can count on an important factor that only we have: the immense affection from you, our Tifosi, all over the world. I ask you for your usual great support: let’s not go overboard in the good moments and let’s not give up in harder ones. The championship is long and the objective is clear.”

After six seasons without a championship, the changes to the regulations do offer Ferrari a chance to return to winning ways in 2014. As Montezemolo writes, with such a strong line-up, a title challenge is expected, but it remains to be seen whether the F14 T car will give Alonso and Raikkonen a shot at the championship.

You can read the letter in full here

  1. worknman24hours - Mar 15, 2014 at 8:01 AM

    In the past, I have taken every opportunity,( and there have been many) to bust Luca’s chops when he’s put out a press release but not any more.

    Will Buxton just did a show called the Road to Ferrari where he and his producer took a road journey from the Hungarian Grand Prix to the factory in Italy.

    In this program, Luca took the time out to talk with Will and answer some questions.

    It was a rare display by a man obviously well involved in the day to day running of the premiere Italian supercar maker.

    Luca is for real, he loves the company he runs and he is busy as hell doing that.

    For him to take the time and to be so cordial in doing that to sit down and talk to Will was very impressive.

    I can’t be a Luca hater anymore.

    Great program to Will and his producer too.

    First drive in a Ferrari ( what a car indeed) and first drive in a Fiat 500 too.

    Loved the visit to the small coachbuilders placed as well.

    The obvious emphasis on quality there was everywhere.

    Pinifarina, wow, what can I say.

    But I really wanted to say, much respect to Luca here.

    Thanks for doing a great job running Ferrari.

    It is also clear you have a great company filled with people who love Ferrari as much as you do..

    And thanks too to Will and his producer for the emotionally honest tour of one of the greatest supercar makers ever.

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