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The Mercedes war is just beginning, but Rosberg won this battle

May 26, 2014, 10:00 AM EDT

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco Getty Images

It’s been a funny few days in Formula 1. On the grandest of stages – the Monaco Grand Prix – Mercedes appeared to be on the brink of civil war as Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg locked horns around the streets of the principality.

After spending much of the weekend sending warning shots to Rosberg in the media, Hamilton came out of the race weekend as the loser. Second place is by no means bad, but the British driver was on the cusp of five straight wins, which – according to history – would have made him a certainty for the title.

Instead, for all of the comments and digs at Rosberg, the German driver had the last laugh on the track on Sunday by winning the Monaco Grand Prix and re-gaining the lead of the drivers’ championship. Frankly, it seemed like Hamilton just had a bee in his bonnet.

Traditionally, Rosberg always plays a bit of soccer before each session; it’s his way to relax. The likes of Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel listen to music. Kimi Raikkonen likes to have a sleep! You can often find Nico doing keepy-uppies with the ball at the back of the garage just minutes before jumping in the car. However, Hamilton complained to the team about this on Saturday before qualifying, claiming that the noise of him kicking the ball against the wall was disturbing him.

They’ve been teammates for 25 races – yet only now is Nico’s pre-race ritual annoying Lewis? Very strange.

After the race, both drivers were asked whether they’re still friends. Speaking to Sky, Rosberg remained cheerful about their partnership at Mercedes.

“We’ve always been friends, we always will be friends,” he said. “But friends is a big word. What exactly is friends? We have a good relationship and work well together.”

However, Lewis made himself very clear: “We are not friends. We are colleagues.”

Just as Fernando Alonso grew restless at McLaren when Hamilton started to challenge him, are the same cracks appearing in Lewis Hamilton?

Across the course of the week, Rosberg has remained a class act, saying the right things and doing his talking on track. Hamilton, on the other hand, has behaved a spoiled child who didn’t get his way. From Thursday to Sunday, there were nothing but digs at Nico. He had a problem with his upbringing, his innocent mistake in qualifying, and the strategic call on Sunday made by the team.

Lewis said earlier this week that his tough upbringing has made him hungrier than Nico. However, he’s now a multi-millionaire global superstar with a private jet, a dream lifestyle and even two dogs he brings to the races. Can we not argue that he is in up in the clouds, believing that everyone is conspiring against him and he can do no wrong?

Final word on this goes to former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley, who worked with Lewis at the team for three years:

“Lewis Hamilton left McLaren without many fans in the garage because of his attitude & arrogance. It won’t take long for the same to happen at Mercedes I’m afraid.”

Let’s see if they can patch things up before we arrive in Canada. Either way, this civil war at Mercedes is only just beginning.

  1. keef180 - May 26, 2014 at 5:11 PM

    Innocent mistake in qualifying? Look at the data and you’ll see there was nothing “innocent” about it. However I doubt the real data will actually surface as Hamilton is being painted as petulant and rosberg can do no wrong. Just let them fight for the title but ensure its a fair fight.

    • twosco2 - May 27, 2014 at 2:23 AM

      There is no fair in fight.

  2. worknman24hours - May 26, 2014 at 11:28 PM

    Frankly,I’m in no way mad at Rosberg.

    The guy to get mad at is the guy who pressed the yellow so fast when Rosberg was safely out of the way of approaching cars.

    Anyway,Lewis was simply trapped behind Rosberg the entire race as is a Monaco trait many drivers have had to deal with with their own teammates.

    The rest of the races are open with many passing zones.

    We will see what we will see.

  3. photog645 - May 27, 2014 at 11:24 AM

    I have something in my eye! Poor Lewis! The something in his eye was the rear end of Rosberg’s Mercedes in front of him. The fact that Rosburg simply outdrove him was just not emotionally acceptable to the egocentric Lewis so he came up with the I’ve got something in my eye excuse. Lewis has considerable skills, but his mouth is not one of them. He needs to let his Mercedes do his talking for him on the track, NOT let his motor mouth do his talking for him to the press. EVERYONE would be better served if he just drove his car and kept his clapper trap shut!

  4. techmeister1 - May 27, 2014 at 1:46 PM

    Actually the car data showed Rosberg did nothing wrong at all. Naturally the Hammy fanbois will come to his defense but the more objective people who work in and follow F1 can see that Hammy is a problem child. His constant inappropriate comments are no accident. He simply believes he’s better than other people and the world should bow down to the arse clown.

    I don’t however see the situation at Mercedes as a “civil war” though it makes for good media nonsense. What I do see is the same spiteful, uncooperative, disrespectful, arrogant arse clown who left McLaren after screwing over Alonso.

    Hammy has a history. He can be fast on track when he doesn’t crash but he can also be his own worst enemy. Hammy would not hesitate for a second to crash out Rosberg to prevent him from winning and I expect to see this happen multiple times before the season is over.

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