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VIDEO: Gene Haas talks exclusively to NBCSN about his new F1 team

Jun 7, 2014, 6:20 PM EDT

After successfully winning the race to get a new Formula 1 team on the grid in the near future, Gene Haas spoke exclusively to NBCSN’s Leigh Diffey today in Montreal about his plans for Haas Formula in 2016.

The NASCAR team co-owner went into detail about the decision to postpone entering the sport, the obstacles he has faced so far, his plans for a team base in Europe, and the possibility of Danica Patrick driving for the team.

  1. sportfan2 - Jun 8, 2014 at 7:08 AM

    Probably a nice way of dumping Danica from NASCAR.

  2. techmeister1 - Jun 8, 2014 at 11:43 AM

    As I have been saying all along, with all due respect, those involved with the Haas F1 project have no idea of the effort and resources required just to get a car to the grid. To think they could have their own car on the grid for ’15 starting in May of ’14 is just absurd. AsHhaas admitted they starting construction on a new 100,000 SF building last year and it won’t even be finished until this Fall. That’s a simple, everyday building construction and he expects to build a completely new F1 car in a year or even two years without a power unit contract or 300 new, experienced F1 engineers? Seriously?

    As far as Danica is concerned yes she would most definitely be an asset based on here size, open wheel driving experience and her nationality. She and Haas however know that is highly unlikely however as she has expressed no interest in F1 and without having a lot of current experience in GP2 or similar, F1 is a totally different world compared to Indycar. Haas needs an experienced F1 driver to start with and then work from there if they are remotely competitive and not just a backmarker. I would hate to see all the money and effort invested be for naught.

    BTW, hating on Danica is just wasted energy. It makes you look ignorant.

  3. adamlucas9999 - Jun 8, 2014 at 11:55 AM

    NO!!! We don’t need her in an American Formula 1 team!!! We need credibility not a circus! The Euros already think we can’t do it. Having her shaking her ass all over the grid and blaming everybody but herself for her failures would make us the laughing stock of Formula 1.

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