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A video unlike any you’ve ever seen: Six-car driverless convoy stays in line, no wrecks, brakes in time

Jul 3, 2014, 5:56 PM EDT

(Photo courtesy Hyundai) (Photo courtesy Hyundai)

Many of you have likely heard of the Google driverless car.

But Google has nothing on Hyundai, or so it would seem, given how the video below has gone viral with more than one million viewers already in about a week’s time.

What makes the video unique is this: drivers in a six-car convey jump out of their cars (through the sunroof, no less!), leaving them driverless – except for the driver in the lead car, who blindfolds himself – and yet the cars remain in line, easily handle a curve and automatically brake to avoid a six-car, chain-reaction pile-up.

It’s no wonder Hyundai calls it the “Empty Car Convoy.”

The video was made with no trick photography. The cars stayed together and didn’t run into each other or off the road thanks to Hyundai Genesis’ new Smart Technology “caring driver” assist features including “Lane Keeping Assist” and “Advanced Smart Cruise Control.”

Maybe NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula One should try and get Hyundai’s technology to reduce the number of wrecks on their tracks.

Check out the wild video below. It’s nothing short of insane — and we mean that in the highest complimentary form.

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  1. worknman24hours - Jul 4, 2014 at 1:04 PM

    In the confines of a test track under ideal conditions,this is an easy test to complete correctly every time.

    Unfortunately,in the real world where lines on the road go all over the place or are often worn out and sometimes actually in the wrong place! the lane assist is just that,a reminder of where the car might need to be.

    The auto emergency braking is almost industry wide now in some form.

    Computers can do many things but to do them-for now-their limited abilities demand and environment tailored for their limitations.

    Add to that,the totally varied mechanical conditions of cars on road with worn brakes and suspensions and any driverless car system, will often spend it’s time defaulting into a safe -off- mode.

    Human beings ability to recognize and adjust to their changing environments semmelessly mean that for a long time-outside of major cities-,they will remain the primary pilots of all road going vehicles.

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