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Understanding Stewart is to know he races, whenever and wherever he can

Aug 11, 2014, 10:40 AM EDT

One of the questions that’s been asked over the last few days since the accident Saturday night at Canandaigua Motorsports Park that ultimately claimed Kevin Ward Jr.’s life was why Tony Stewart was racing there in the first place.

The simple answer is because he can, and because he wants to.

Stewart has returned to the dirt track scene this season following his recovery from last year’s accident at Iowa where he broke his leg and was ruled out for the remainder of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season.

In his first race back, he won. A Michigan dirt track owner praised Stewart’s presence at the event. But Stewart understandably faced a melancholy return to Iowa in his first race back there, which occurred last week.

As time permits, Stewart races his sprint car on dirt tracks around the country. It’s something he’s done for the entirety of his career; it fuels him and ignites his passion.

As his own team boss at Stewart-Haas Racing, Stewart can make the call as to whether he wants to keep going on dirt. Even though he’s been through a rough stretch of accidents in the last year or so, he still is inclined to keep going.

So Saturday night, he went to yet another small dirt track in New York, and raced. It would have been a bigger surprise had he not gone.

Sadly, this race featured tragic consequences.

  1. 1pwrightt - Aug 11, 2014 at 1:55 PM

    I don’t think Stewart meant to harm Kevin Ward, much less kill him. However I do think Stewart was going scare him and get his car close to him and it backfired tragically. So there has to be consequences for Tony.

    • worknman24hours - Aug 11, 2014 at 5:39 PM

      I don’t think Tony was trying to scare Ward.

      I think Ward moved into a space that Tony never thought he’d be at while Tony was doing a simple “gas it and throw dirt on the angry driver” move.

      This all happened in just a couple of seconds.

      One step back and Ward does’nt get run over.

      One inch of twist on Tony’s steering wheel to the left a moment sooner and Ward does’nt get run over.

      And this becomes very important.

      Had Tony not tried to spray Ward with dirt in the first place and been several feet to the inside of the track,Ward does’nt get run over.

      And another important fact here.

      Any time a person is loose on a race track-the driver of any car -race or other wise must give space to that person,must try to give way if space is availible.

      The most important fact here is that Tony did not act in a way that promoted safety on the race track and his actions killed Ward.

      Had Tony slammed on his brakes and slide to a stop on top of Ward’s body-there would be ample evidence that Tony had at least tried to not hit Ward but that is not the case.

      Tony apparently assumed his rear tires would miss Ward and that Ward would not try to get close enough to hit at Tony as he passed by.

      So while this is an accidental death at it’s core,Tony’s behavior behind the wheel of his race car made it a fatal encounter.

      Therefore Tony Stewart is responsible for killing Kevin Ward Jr.

      That this is an accidental death means this is in no way a murder but it may well be enough to bring involuntary manslaughter charges against Tony.

      Usually being found guilty of this does’nt bring jail time but does include substantial penalties money wise and lays the foundation for any civil cases to come.

      Tony may well find himself the poster boy for every driver who has acted dangerously lately on race tracks and he may find himself the person through who the message is sent.

      Act up and endanger others especially those out of their cars on the race track and the law will act against you swiftly.

  2. rdrfan - Aug 11, 2014 at 2:28 PM


    You hit the nail on the head.

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